Online Support

We also give our Clients Online Support, regarding technical issue's that they are facing from their end.

24/7 Customer Care Support

We provide 24/7 Helpdesk Support on all our Branches.

Additional Media Services

Other than the Internet Connection, we also provide Media Services such as - FTP Server, Streaming Server, Torrent Servers, Live TV Server.

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We do what is necessary

Rodelaonline is one of the leading High Speed Broadband Service Provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Internet Connectivity

Most of our Connections are provided via optical fibre from our end to your home and then connected via CAT-5E/CAT-6 to your PC.

100Mbps Alltime

All of our Users can download contents that are shared from our Local Dedicated Servers at Full Duplex 100 Mbps Speed.

Why Clients Choose Us?

We Provide a very stable Internet connection (few disconnecting issues), rather than the Internet Connection, we also provide some Media Services which is absolutely free and Unlimited (No Fair Usage Policies).